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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Warnie? Give me a break!

Shane was one hell of a bowler. Nobody is disputing that. But am I the only one who lost interest in his other antics a long time ago? Apparently not, going by two recent developments.

First up, according to certain media, there is supposedly this massive outcry for Warne to return to Test cricket, as captain no less. I can say in all honesty I do not know a single person pushing that view. Don't tell me that someone in the press might be making things up? Surely not!

The very latest is that Warne has been bumping uglies with Liz Hurley very recently. This allegedly occured in the last few days at the hotel Warne is living in while continuing to film episodes of his 'chat' show. Is that still even on television? So much for the publicly-ever-so-repentant Warne when trying to talk his wife into letting him back after umpteen public disclosures of his infidelities. And he STILL doesn't have the brains to keep it in his pants. If he doesn't have the sense to leave it in his undies, then (a) have the brains to do it a bit more privately and (b) stop pretending to be such a fantastic father and husband for the media.

Maybe the missus will have the brains to chuck him now for good. Hey Simone - I'm still single (widowed). :-)

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