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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Warnie? Give me a break!

Shane was one hell of a bowler. Nobody is disputing that. But am I the only one who lost interest in his other antics a long time ago? Apparently not, going by two recent developments.

First up, according to certain media, there is supposedly this massive outcry for Warne to return to Test cricket, as captain no less. I can say in all honesty I do not know a single person pushing that view. Don't tell me that someone in the press might be making things up? Surely not!

The very latest is that Warne has been bumping uglies with Liz Hurley very recently. This allegedly occured in the last few days at the hotel Warne is living in while continuing to film episodes of his 'chat' show. Is that still even on television? So much for the publicly-ever-so-repentant Warne when trying to talk his wife into letting him back after umpteen public disclosures of his infidelities. And he STILL doesn't have the brains to keep it in his pants. If he doesn't have the sense to leave it in his undies, then (a) have the brains to do it a bit more privately and (b) stop pretending to be such a fantastic father and husband for the media.

Maybe the missus will have the brains to chuck him now for good. Hey Simone - I'm still single (widowed). :-)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oldest Trumper footage

A slightly unusual anniversary, but the oldest known footage of early Australian cricketing great, Victor Trumper, was filmed 100 years ago today. And here it is.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Johnson out, Strauss plays games and Hauritz knocks on the door

Not entirely unexpectedly, Mitchell Johnson has been dropped from the Australian squad for the Second Test. However English captain, Andrew Strauss responded by suggesting this was a 'big call' for the Australian selectors.

According to the ABC's website "Mitchell's been a very good performer for Australia over a number of years and has been spearheading their attack, so it's quite a big call for them to leave him out," Strauss said.

Well, let's be realistic here. Going on how erratic his form has been and how poorly Johnson performed in the First Test, naturally the Poms would be more than happy to see Johnson retained rather than replaced by the likes of Doug Bollinger. The last thing that they want to see is Johnson rested and getting his head back together, becoming the deadly missile that we know he can be. So Strauss is playing games here. The Australian selectors could not justify Johnson's inclusion when someone like Dougie is waiting in the wings. A fit and mentally with it Johnson is a deadly part of the attack but a Johnson who has lost his way is, unfortunately, hard to justify being included. Hopefully Johnson will take this setback in a positive way, sort out whatever his problems may be and get his rightful place back in the Australian attack once more.

Meanwhile, Nathan Hauritz has given a good, hard thump on the selectors' doors by a good performance against Western Australia at the WACA, not known for being especially spinner-friendly, taking five wickets for New South Wales. If the selectors were prepared to persist with Mike Hussey for so long during his dramatic form slump and for as long as they have with Johnson's problems, exactly why did Hauritz suddenly become the pariah? Yet it would hardly be fair to throw Doherty out already. Sure, Doherty did not take any wickets in the mammoth English second innings in the First Test, but then again, neither did any of the other main bowlers.