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Friday, January 13, 2012

Have the Indian bowlers learned their lesson?

Dave Warner and Ed Cowan were amazing in their opening stand in this Second Test against India. Warner was blistering. But then Australia pretty much collapsed thereafter compared to the total they seemed destined for. So after taking out Warner and Cowan, the batting performances of both teams were surprisingly similar.


It comes down to one thing - the bowling.

When Australis demolished the Indian batting line-up in their first innings, the Australian bowlers were making the most of a good, responsive pitch which must have been fantastic to bowl on. And they were suitably rewarded. When the Australians began their turn with the bat, the Indian bowlers were nowhere near as disciplined - and they paid the price. Admittedly trying to bowl to someone like Dave Warner in full flow is anything but easy but the number of times he and Cowan were let off the hook by bowlers bowling too short or spraying them around was a stark contrast to the discipline of Hilfenhaus, Siddle, Harris and to a lesser extent, Starc.

In today's effort however, the Indian bowlers had a much improved length and in turn finally started taking wickets.

The visitors are far from the first people to have a similar experience at the WACA ground in Perth. This pitch historically has a good bounce and bowlers often need to rethink what they are doing. Plenty of Australian bowlers have fallen for the same error at times. But if India are going to have any chance whatsoever in this game (highly doubtful), then they need to remember this lesson.

Oh and by the way - Mr Sharma - next time you want to mouth off at someone like Dave Warner, have something to back it up with rather than that load of shite you served up. Bowling like that at the WACA is just asking for trouble and, sunshine, you got it!